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Samaritans and the Citizens Advice Bureau should be combined under single unitary authority

Call me an idealist or a simpleton nincompoop I am of the opinion that medical and legal advisory services of the State for citizens should be combined in a single unitary establishment.

Samaritans clearly provide 'medical' support through amelioration of trauma in the lives of ordinary citizens in coping with daily issues that require a listening ear and soothing words of wisdom. And the Citizens Advice Bureau seem to provide legal services for material difficulties that are encountered within the State. But when you combine these two into one institution to provide a comprehensive advisory service that matters to the lives of the people it leads to solutions that are fast, effective and efficient in terms of human and environmental resources employed for accessing medical and legal redress for the suffering that the individual endures.

Such an authority will liase with religious and philosophical bodies to understand the medical and legal issues affecting the citizen so that in comprehending of the needs of the population the Authority can guide both the individual and the State into specific measures by the afflicted and with policy recommendation for government action.

This is what old kings of India used to have at their disposal in their Special Advisors so that the population was a happy one without the need to be subjected to mental health assessment and treatment for symptoms of discomfort and disillusion.

Would that be putting the clock backwards? I have considered that in modern complicated living conditions it would be for the benefit of both the citizens and the State that such a facility exists. I say this having had dealings with both the Samaritans and the Citizens Advice Bureau over 22 years.

Why is this important?

This is important not only for law and order in the United Kingdom, but also to ensure that ordinary people without access to funds to meet private medical insurance and health care or to consult solicitor and barristers with their expenses have access to the law governing both medical and legal issues.

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Shan Panigrahi
To:[email protected]
Dear Jo
I would no longer be requiring any kind of emotional support from the Samaritans and will make this clear to Chris Easton, my Care Coordinator next week, asking Canada House that your existence in the Care Plans is an unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of its patients. You are beyond reform. I will seek support for my 38 Degrees Petition privately in Facebook through individual communications with my Friends there.
[email protected] wrote:
We have read your latest message, but feel that it might not be intended for Samaritans, as we cannot provide any practical help - as you say we support Callers emotionally, and are unable to help Callers with legal matters.
If you would like to talk with us more about how you are feeling,and coping, with these difficulties, then please continue to contact us.