To: All MPs

Reform of the Democratic Process for People Representation

Democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people.

In my opinion the unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom is fine as it is for it is a free country where everyone can go about their lawful activities unrestricted. Within this set up a Political System must deliver a fairer and better Britain, for which the right policies need to be pursued. There are employment laws, judicial processes and legal avenue availabilities that require reform from a study of how the status quo operates on human beings. It requires a change in the electoral process, as follows.

If a political party gets only 40-50 percent of votes in a constituency they should not end up with a 100 seat majority in the House of Commons. This is because the rest of the population in the constituency who voted for other parties go unrepresented so that their concerns are not taken up by their constituency MP based on political considerations rather than humanitarian ones. Proportional representation will allow up to three members of different political parties to get elected to the House of Commons so that the constituent can have a choice of who to get one’s concerns voiced for elaboration in Parliament.

The First Past the Post system is undemocratic and also does not address the needs and rights of the majority who are in service as workers of the State. I would like to see a system where the consitutencies are enlarged and up to three Members of Parliament are elected from each constitutency on a proportional basis from the numbers of votes cast. This will enable a much more balanced parliament where parties with less than 50 per cent of the votes are not the only ones whose representatives are elected as Members of Parliament.

Thus blaming the structures of Parliament for the undemocratic political system requires assessment of the priorities of the vast majority of the population who are to be classed as workers rather than businesses and entrepreneurs. It is essential to have the best people representation for this to take place so that the electorate is consulted properly and their voices are taken into account to serve the people in turn.

Why is this important?

The First Past the Post system of government has not served the nation of United Kingdom well in that constructive debate in the country and in Parliament is stifled. Democracy should be addressed first, politics come next to accommodate the ideal democratic framework for people representation in Parliament and local government.