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To: Claire Perry the Minister for Energy

Reform the Re-sale of Electricity & Gas (guidance for resellers) 2002

N0: 1 The above OFGEM Guidance should include a provision for non-account holders e,g, Park Home Owners, Flat Dwellers etc etc who do not own their Electric/Meter to be granted the basic HUMAN RIGHT to voice their concerns & complaints to the Energy Suppliers, in relation to Tariff's, Smart Meters etc etc Our only recourse presently is the Small Claims Court !!!!!

Why is this important?

As the Site Owner is the principle Account Holder he has no contractual obligation to haggle or negotiate a beneficial Tariff's for the Site residents.
Therefore residents are disadvantaged not to have the Right to switch suppliers ,(as Brick & Mortar Owners have) they are solely exposed to the whim & control of the Site Owner, furthermore we are ineligible to have are own SMART METER, As we are not recognised as the Bill Holder However the Supplier can not repudiate that they benefit from the remittance paid albeit by way of a third party,
To add to date none of the Watch Dogs for Energy have helped in any way, Other than to relinquish their commitment to assist our concerns, simply as we are not the Account Holder.
In the event that should there be any discounts form the suppliers we would be automatically eliminated WHY because we are NOT the Bill Holder.
I had this matter raised by Hanzard debate as far back as 1996 by my then M.P A. Miller but alas nothing meaningful has materialized



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