To: Bournemouth Local Council

Refugees Welcome in Southbourne

The council should offer to home 10 refugee families in Southbourne. I think that the people of Southbourne would be willing and able to house 10 families between them. We can work together to make it happen.

Why is this important?

We are a tolerant and humane and very fortunate society and it is important for us to show human compassion, kindness, generosity and practical help to our less fortunate neighbours. We need to do more faster than we are at present. The Government's pledges and time scale do not match the public mood. We want to help, not to feel powerless and overwhelmed by the human misery we see on our TV screens daily. We have the ability, the will and the means to make it happen so let us just do it.

David Cameron announced we’ll welcome 20,000 more Syrian refugees. But there’s a catch. This will take 5 years, leaving thousands of refugees in limbo. It’s now up to us to show that in cities, towns and villages all across the country we’re ready to welcome people now.

Aylan, the toddler who drowned fleeing Syria, was just three years old. His town was under attack by Isis. His five year old brother and his mum also died trying to reach safety.We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee places like Syria.

So let's stand up for Britain's long tradition of helping refugees fleeing war. Let's show the Prime Minister that we, the people of the UK, are proud to do our part and provide refuge to people in their hour of need.

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Southbourne, Bournemouth

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