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To: Viagogo

Viagogo: Refund customers for cancelled events

Viagogo should refund all customers who wish to receive a refund after events they were due to attend have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Why is this important?

Thousands of people are being left out of pocket after buying tickets for events before the coronavirus crisis, Multiple events including music festivals have either been cancelled due to the pandemic but leading ticket website Viagogo are refusing to refund customers. Viagogo are instead claiming the events have been postponed, even when the organisers confirm they have been cancelled.

Viagogo have a history of dodgy dealings with many claiming they are a glorified ticket tout and have been criticised in the past by leading figures in the music industry, MP’s and campaign groups.

Sign the petition today to make sure customers are not left out of pocket for events they can no longer attend


Reasons for signing

  • Viagogo have a contract relating to an event on a specific date and therefore are under a legal obligation to refund the money, an action needs to brought against these devious people!


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