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To: UK Councils

Regenerate Our UK Concrete Jungles Into Permanent Urban Wildernesses...

This is an 'Open Letter' NOT a petition. It supplements & supports on-the-ground practical action. It will be handed in to UK councils (along with statements from Ecologists, Wildlife Experts, Urban Planners and Environmental Scientists, all backing my wildscaping plans) with our land purchase applications.

I'm applying to UK local authorities to purchase & wildscape miles of the wasted patches of land across our cities/towns - every single one of the green patches of grass that you see as you walk down the street - and we’ll be planting shrubs, wildflowers, plants and hedges within these spaces to transform them into habitat/resources for struggling wildlife, birds, butterflies, bees etc...

Converting our UK concrete jungles into urban wildernesses offers immense benefits to us all (cleaner air, cleaner water) and we’ll also have the opportunity to once again live more in balance with our local wildlife (who are currently facing a near apocalypse due to loss of habitat, litter & pollution)…


To ensure my success in applying to purchase these patches of land, I must prove that I am not alone in wanting to transform our urban landscape in this way & so they will be presented with this open letter, signed by 100,000s of us.

Please sign & share.

[CALL TO IMMEDIATE ACTION - If you would like to ALSO be one of the first (many have already started) to take immediate action with me to wildscape your local area and see it vibrant and bursting with life THIS YEAR, please do EMAIL ME at [email protected] and/or join the Facebook group & either PM me through there, or post in the group. I will immediately set the wheels in motion to wildscape with you.]

Thank you for standing with me, Alana

Why is this important?

Here’s 2 of the wake up calls that Lock Down has reminded us of…

1. Our local areas could be MASSIVELY improved so that we can all live within our optimal environment for our health & well being.

2. Our local UK wildlife are desperate for a bit more space (we already knew this but they have proved it even more). As soon as we were all tucked away, UK mammals, birds & insects were breaking out into the suddenly quieter spaces.

There’s urban land to spare - all around us - and we can decide to transform it into lush colourful spaces...

With 100,000s of these patches of grass land being available, 'wildscaping' them will improve the quality of human life for those in all regenerated areas (having a positive socio-economic impact too) AND have an immense environmental impact across our United Kingdom.

How it will be delivered

This open letter will be handed in to UK Councils/Local Authorities when I am applying to buy the land from them, to prove how many of the UK public want to see our urban spaces regenerated into urban wildernesses.

United Kingdom

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