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To: Wolverhampton city council

Regenerate the Wednesfield Market

Regenerate the Wednesfield Market

We are asking for two things:

1. New canopies to be fitted, or extensions of some kind. So when it rains or snows, the trader’s Merchandise is kept dry. At the moment, the canopies are tiny and offer very little protection at all.

2. The rents are lowered. We have 26 stalls, most days only three or four traders. So hardly any revenue is being made as it is.

Why is this important?

Improving the facilities and dropping the rents would hopefully entice traders back, and stop those we have from leaving.

These are the first two things we need in order to save our dying market !!!

Wednesfield, Wolverhampton

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Reasons for signing

  • Wednesfield deserves better
  • Needs improvement
  • To Support Wednesfield's Market Traders


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