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To: UK Government

Regulate Artificial Intelligence Now

Invest the time and effort right now, to create new laws for artificial intelligence.
Don’t leave it to the tech industry to regulate themselves.

Why is this important?

In the last few months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the headlines and making huge leaps forward. But with the emergence of AI comes risks. AI has already shown signs of bias, given out false information and could cause a huge number of job losses. And thousands of tech insiders have even called on the development to be paused.

It’s so important we don’t waste time regulating AI like we have done with our gambling laws. The way people gamble now is unrecognisable since they were last updated in 2005. But thanks to campaigners and people all across the country, the gambling act is being changed by the government for the digital age. There’s no reason why new laws cannot be next on their list to ensure artificial intelligence is used correctly.



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