To: City of Edinburgh Council

Regulate Rent Charges

Regulate Rent Charges

In most parts of Europe and New York, it's the Council that regulates the rent, I have heard. Please correct me if I am wrong. My two sons are in flats in Edinburgh. One in the Leith area of the City and the other at Tollcross. Both two bedroom appartments. The rent for both is 920 pounds per month. On top of this inflated fee, both my sons pay more for Council Tax and Utility bills. My boys are not on big salaries, so this is a real hardship for them.
The Council could price these rents the same as they do with the Council Tax for private houses with bands, A B C D E F, A being the highest and F the lowest.
My oldest son has been asked to leave his apartment the last two years as landlord has been selling it. I think two months notice is all the landlord needs to give.
There is also now for landlords, a cash cow, Air B & Bs.
All these practices should be regulated by the Council. Landlords are making fortunes off the back of our kids.
MPs and Councillors should make this a priority of the utmost importance.
Let us help our kids by negotiating a reasonable rent for the landlord and the people that matter to us most, our chidren.

Why is this important?

Financially, it's imperative.


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