To: MPs

Regulation of Job Centres and internet-based recruiting agencies and Human Resources of Employers

My experience of the recent year in search of a job suitable to my age, religion, race, educational attainments, expertise, and experiences shows that the present national requirements for efficient recruitment of skilled and highly skilled workers is not catered for under the present systems of Job Centre Plus and internet-based recruitment agencies and Human Resources Department of Business and Firms. I would not mention any names in this petition, but would like there to be a government-appointed monitoring and supervising agency to regulate these recruitment companies because unnecessary wastage of time and resources of applicants and businesses result due to incompetence of management by the Recruitment Agencies in association with employers. I have applied for around 100 jobs in the past year through these agencies had one interview which turned out to be such that only young people could be expected to function in the requirements of the particular Management. If this had been made clear in the application process I would not have applied. One finds out when it is too late and has started working.

Secondly, when one requests feedback on why one has not even been granted an interview after passing the questionnaire-based assessments, no formal replies are given. This means that the managers of the businesses and recruitment agencies are able to base their decisions on recruitment from personal prejudices against certain candidates and not on the basis of their formal qualifications and experience for any particular role.

There should therefore be a government regulatory institution to whom the applicant can complain to have the particular recruitment agencies investigated for cases that have acquired a catalogue of consistent and repeated rejections without explanation other than other candidates were assessed to be more suitable for a particular job. Applicants should be able to register their complaints online to the regulatory institution for investigation to take place and licence to practice Recruitment and Human Resources Roles withdrawn or proven cases financially penalised with compensation to deserving candidates.

If any one wishes to know the details of my interactions with the Recruitment Agencies and their links with Businesses and Civil authorities that have perpetrated deliberate and systematic discrimination rather than base judgment on meritocracy based on qualifications and experience, I am able to submit the evidence that I base this petition on.

Why is this important?

This is important for national development of the economy especially during a period of high unemployment as is now expected to take place with the Covid-19 pandemic, where marginalised groups are disenfranchised from the workplace and unions are in cahoot with the Employers to treat applicants for jobs and employees on probation of various periods cannot take their cases for Unfair Rejection or Unfair Dismissal during probation to the Employment Tribunal which are not fit for purpose to judge racism, ageism, religionism and culturalism.