To: Christine Grahame

Reimpose the ban on Tail docking for working dogs

Reimpose the ban on Tail docking for working dogs

Remove the exemption for working dogs to have their tails docked for the purpose of shooting sports.

Why is this important?

Aside from the fact that these dog's are used for what is a leisure activity and not a necessity, it is absolutely crucial that we stop using our own hobbies whether they are right or not, as justification for putting an animal through needless suffering. This country has led the way in animal rights, now in a bizarre twist the SNP and the Scottish conservatives are backing each other on this based on flawed studies. This attitude that the animals may damage themselves so we should do it ourselves when puppies is so primitive and inhumane I'm shocked it has been allowed. To carry out an act of cruelty on the low probability that they may get hurt in the future is just unacceptable.

I myself own a boxer, a dog breed that for the longest time would have it's tail docked regardless of whether or not it was a working dog, I have owned 4 Boxers, 3 of whom had docked tails. My current boxer, Lotte, has her tail fully intact and I've never had a boxer that was so cuddly, joyful and friendly (A hard thing to say because the other 3 were very loving dogs)

Instead of this attitude that we should do the damage ourselves, we should adopt a wait and see approach, this is what vets are trained for, to help and nurse animals back to health in the event of mistreatment or accidents, If Lotte ever has an accident with her gorgeous tail, I feel confident in her vets abilities to get her back to health and make her comfortable in her recovery.


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