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To: Arriva Southern Counties

Reinstate commuter services to and from Borstal on the 155 bus

Reinstate commuter services to and from Borstal on the 155 bus

Review the timetable and reinstate commercial services at both ends of the working day so that residents in Borstal can once again use the 155 bus to get to work and school.

Why is this important?

Cuts to the 155 bus timetable mean that the earliest service arrives in Chatham too late to be of use to morning commuters and school pupils while the last service leaves for Borstal too early in the afternoon to take them home.

In its current form the timetable is likely to further discourage bus use at a time when the environmental need has never been greater and the cost of living for working people is rocketing.

Our local economy depends on people being able to get to and from work on public transport. These simple changes to the timetable would not restore bus frequency to previous levels but would at least allow commuters to once again rely on the 155 route to use public transport to get to and from work and school.

Borstal, Rochester ME1 3LB, UK

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