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To: University of Chester Senate

Reinstate Development Weeks at the University of Chester

Reinstate Development Weeks at the University of Chester

Chester UCU branch has called on Chester University Senate to reverse the decision to remove Development Weeks for 2022-23.

Why is this important?

On 8 December 2021 the University Senate decided to remove Development Weeks from the academic calendar in 2022-23, claiming that there is 'no clear rationale for the weeks' and are ‘just a half term.’ However there has been no meaningful consultation with either staff or students concerning their views on this, with the decision only being publicly communicated to staff and students via a portal announcement and email to staff on Friday 14 January.

This decision will have a significant impact on the student experience and staff working conditions and should not have been taken without wider consultation. On Monday 17 January Chester UCU unanimously passed a motion calling on the senate to reinstate development weeks and is calling for all those who wish to see Development Weeks retained, at least until there has been wider consultation, to sign the petition below.

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Chester, UK

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2022-02-04 20:19:25 +0000

Thanks for signing the petition to Reinstate Development Weeks at the University of Chester.

UCU Chester would like to invite you to an open meeting, for staff, students and all affected by the decision to remove development weeks from the academic calendar at the University of Chester in 2022-23. This will be held by zoom at 12 noon on Wednesday 9th February:
Meeting ID: 861 2618 2915
Passcode: 842935

Come and have your say about why development weeks are important to you, and hear from representatives from UCU Chester, Chester Student Union, and Unison, about the work they have been doing to try to get development weeks reinstated. Including:

Professor Emma Rees, Branch Secretary UCU Chester
Jack Rankin, Chester Student's Union President
Lauren Friel, Vice President - Education, Chester Student's Union

Solidarity and hope to see you there

UCU Chester

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