To: Hackney Council

Reinstate Kim's barrow decorations

Reinstate Kim's barrow decorations

Allow Kim who cleans the streets of Dalston for Hackney Council to keep her decorations on her barrow.

Why is this important?

Kim works for Hackney Council and does an amazing job cleaning the streets and squares of Dalston. Kim collects old toys and other memorabilia which she decorates her barrow creating the most colourful display that brings a smile to everyone who sees her.
Yesterday her boss instructed her to remove all her decorations from her barrow - saying that the decorations stopped her looking like she worked for the Council. It is clear - decorations or no decorations - that she works for Hackney Council by the job she does and the uniform she wears. This petition is important to allow Kim to keep her decorations on her barrow, as it is not harming anyone, but instead Kim has gone beyond the call of duty in her job by bringing joy to the streets of Dalston.
Please sign the petition to reinstate Kim's barrow decorations.

Hackney, London

Reasons for signing

  • Why does it matter if she customises her cart? These things bring joy and giggles to those going about their day. It doesn't disrepute the councils image but this order to make it generic does.
  • Why should Kim's barrow be plain and boring when it can and does make everyone smile.
  • Kim's barrow makes everyone smile and made me notice how hard she works.


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