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To: Principal, Elaine Bowker & City of Liverpool College Board of Governors

Reinstate Nina Doran: Victimisation of UCU Rep

Reinstate Nina Doran: Victimisation of UCU Rep

Victimisation of Union Secretary Nina Doran

In 2021, City of Liverpool College (CoLC) University & Colleges Union (UCU) Liaison Committee Secretary and Branch Health and Safety representative was subject to a protracted suspension by CoLC for allegedly breaching college policies in preparation for a protected disclosure. Nina was acting in her capacity as a union rep.

In addition, the employer suspended Nina one week before the longest strike action the College was preparing to take, 6 full days. Nina was the chief negotiator in the pay dispute and had campaigned and organised reps and members in GTVO and in preparation for the strike action. The suspension was severely irregular procedurally - it totalled 6 months, breeching the timescales allowed in policy and recommended by ACAS guidelines. The investigation was unfair and despite local representations the employer has dismissed Nina.

The employer, City of Liverpool College, has acted deplorably in the dismissal of Nina Doran, a professional with over thirty years’ experience of outstanding teaching as a respected teacher educator. Nina has been an active union member and branch representative for fifteen years. She has held several branch roles, and for the last eight years has been active as Branch and Committee Chair, as well as the North West regional committee and on the National Executive Committee (to which she has recently been re-elected). She is exemplary in organising members, a veteran campaigner on behalf of UCU within the College, and has been instrumental in supporting and negotiating for the benefit of all teaching staff.

We believe Nina has experienced an unfair disciplinary process and victimisation. Her dismissal is to the detriment of the whole college community. We demand immediate reinstatement. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Why is this important?

The employer is testing the Union’s solidarity amongst members, so we are calling on all CoLC employees, UCU members, and supporters to resist any intimidation and harassment and stand up to support the rep who has supported so many colleagues and UCU members at the college and someone who has worked tirelessly for others to champion teachers and to secure the best of standards in further education. She has always been there for staff in their time of need and now she needs your support.

Liverpool, UK

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