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To: East Lothian Council

Reinstate Prentice Buses as Knox Academy school Transport Provider

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Natasha Ingram-Phoenix

East Lothian council finally responded and have explained their tendering process. From now on we are hoping that all procurement will be done considering the views of the users as well as East Lothian as the client. We continue to hold East Lothian council accountable for their decisions regarding all services. they will now be holding an open consultation about the 123 bus service details will be on social media

Reinstate Prentice Buses as Knox Academy school Transport Provider

We the above wish for East Lothian council to reinstate the contract with Prentice buses. We want them to provide the school transport links.

Why is this important?

We, the clients, and users of the buses had not been consulted or informed.

Prentice have been running this service for 21 years. In that time families and children have been incredibly happy with Prentice and the service they provide. There have been no serious accidents and parents feel that children are safe, even in extreme road conditions, with the Prentice drivers.

Prentice drivers go above and beyond to make sure that the children get home safely. They are friendly, the children know the drivers and feel comfortable on the buses.

Prentice keeps the vehicles up-to-date and in good condition. They are also fully committed too low carbon emission buses.

Drivers know the parents, and have even on occasion waited with the children if a parent was late home.
It's more than a ferrying service to and from school. Prentice provide a community service where parents feel reassured and comfortable putting their children on the Prentice buses.

We believe East Lothian has chosen to put cost over service and safety. They have ignored the views of the clients and not sort a consultation.While the new bus company has yet to prove to be a safe reliable service, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current service this is simply a cost cutting exercise, which could potentially put our children at risk.

We accept that East Lothian council have the right to sign a contract with the new bus service. However we reject changes East Lothian council seek to make. We are the clients and we have the right to br consulted and notified of this matter.

We petition the council to immediately review the contract and reinstate Prentice as the sole provider for the buses at Knox Academy.

East Lothian

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