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To: The Charity Commission and Government Digital Service

Reinstate the old Charity Commission website

Reinstate the old Charity Commission website

The Government is phasing out the webpages, replacing them with the new 'Government Digital Service'. This has meant a new Charity Commission website which is no longer bespoke, and, as a consequence, much of the very helpful guidance and information which used to be there is no longer readily available, which is to the detriment of those for whom it would have been useful.

And this has happened just when the Commission has revised the way it works, and is encouraging all charities to look to its online guidance, rather than to seek direct engagement with the Commission for advice.

Why is this important?

Despite only being a live site for a matter of months, the new website has already attracted almost universal criticism from users – as not only having less information on it than previously but also being difficult to navigate. All those involved in the management and administration of charities require a simple and effective service, and we believe that the best solution is to reinstate, and then to maintain and update, the old Charity Commission website.

We hope that you will back this campaign and would be delighted if you could complete this short e-petition. Please also share the petition via social media in order to achieve maximum support. We intend to present the petition to the Charity Commission and the Government Digital Service.

This campaign has been started by the legal firm "Withers".

Committed to the not-for-profit sector, Withers takes an active role in the process of legal reform and developments in the charity sector and we are privileged to have one of the largest portfolios of charity clients in the UK (acting for 60% of the Top 50 UK charities by income according to Caritas Data).



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