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To: Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary

Reinstate the train line between Kings Lynn and Norwich

Reinstate the train line between Kings Lynn and Norwich

Reinstate the trainline between Kings Lynn and Norwich

Why is this important?

The roads in Norfolk are getting ever more crowded leading to long delays for commuters, frequent traffic jams, increasing air pollution and road traffic accidents. A regular train service will help reduce motorised road traffic, and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; it will enable more people to use bicycles at either end of their train commute which in turn will improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress levels and result in greater productivity by enabling working en route and reduced travel time. A trainline will improve connectivity between Norwich and towns in West Norfolk such as Swaffham, Downham Market and Kings Lynn, making it accessible to many more people, not just to those with cars - giving a much needed boost to the region's economy.


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Reasons for signing

  • How great would it be to jump on the train for night out in Norwich!
  • I live in Norwich and have family in Lynn and it would be so much easier and cheaper for me and my children to travel by train
  • Rail is faster, safer, cleaner and more sociable than road travel. Communities connected by train links invariably become more prosperous. We have only a few years to avoid catastrophic climate change and massive investment in railways is the most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions from transport. It would be great to extend the link to Peterborough for better access to westerly and northern services.


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