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To: Rother District Council

Reject Park Lane Group Housing Development in Strand Meadow

Reject Park Lane Group Housing Development in Strand Meadow

To reject planning permission in Strand Meadow to build 30 full price homes

Why is this important?

There are many reasons why houses should not be built in this area, and the developer "Park Lane Group" are using well-known loopholes in the system in an attempt to build homes for pure profit without taking into account the needs and concerns of the local community.

- Originally, 12 out of 30 homes were to be 'affordable'. However, recent revised plans show all properties to be full market value because the developer has now deemed the project to be no longer viable if any of the homes are made 'affordable'. This is a well-known planning loophole to get around the requirements set by government and council that all new planning developments on AONB (areas of natural beauty) should include a minimum amount of affordable housing.

- This development does nothing to provide homes to meet known local housing needs
- People in Burwash need housing the can afford and must not be priced out of the village by the greed of housing developers
- The planning protection afforded by the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natual Beauty (AONB) must not be chipped away by speculative housing developments
- The field and its surrounding ecology should not be destroyed for an exclusively 'non-affordable' estate
- The lack of parking in Strand Meadow creates severe traffic congestion. The problems of the extra traffic that will be generated during the construction of the houses and after the houses are occupied have not been properly addressed
- The developer's traffic report is outdated and uses data from 2006. Photographs of the area were deliberately taken at a time when there was less traffic in Strand Meadow and does not accurately portray the amount of cars parked during evenings and weekends. Most importantly, there is already limited access for emergency service vehicles and refuse collections.
- Burwash Traffic already created danger for pedestrians and other road users: a) at the A265 junction with Shrub Lane, b) the narrow ends of the High Street and c) along Shrub Lane
- Changes to the drainage provisions requested by East Sussex County Council to reduce risks of flooding and protect the River Rother from further deterioration have been ignored
- The design of the housing is wholly unsuitable and the density of housing units within the AONB is too great
- Plans for sewage disposal have been left deliberately vague. Southern Water have confirmed they have no extra capacity to handle sewage. The Environment Agency's stated policy is that permits for treatment plants where there is existing sewage pipework are likely to be refused.

Strand Meadow, Burwash, East Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • Traffic in strand meadow is already at breaking point plus the school and doctors surgey are already at full capacity.


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