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To: Mayor of London, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government

Reject planning approval to redevelop Homebase & Tesco Sites, Syon Lane

Reject planning approval to redevelop Homebase & Tesco Sites, Syon Lane

We request a thorough review of the decision made at the Hounslow Planning Committee meeting of 8 April 2021 to approve the redevelopment of the Homebase and Tesco sites on Syon Lane at Gillette Corner in West London, and for the decision to be overturned.

Why is this important?

We reject the Hounslow Planning Committee decision to redevelop the Homebase & Tesco sites (P/2020/3099. P/2020/3100) for the following reasons:
1. Overdevelopment and density: 2150 homes, c 6000 residents, very high density (314 homes/hectare), 16 tower blocks up to 17 storeys (too tall for the area), pandemic lessons ignored.
2. Public transport, roads & other infrastructure: lack of essential improvements to support large population increase (eg rail & tube, reconfiguration of Gillette Corner junction to make it safer, primary school places, children’s play areas, GP surgery at Homebase site).
3. Harm to local heritage assets (Grade II listed Gillette building, protected views from Kew Gardens, Syon Park, Osterley Park, etc).
4. Inadequate fire safety measures.
5. Disregard of key planning policies: Local Plan, London Plan, NPPF, area character studies, etc.
6. Environmental impact.
Hounslow’s housing aims can be achieved by developments which are more sympathetic to the area and meet Hounslow’s housing needs for family-sized homes.

Isleworth, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • There seems to be a move now across the borough to create multi storey blocks which take no account of how inappropriate they are to the areas they are planned in.Property developers are circling like vultures with such plans usually having a token nod of a miniscule amount of social housing in such plans and no consideration to things such as where these new flat owners are going to park their vehicles.
  • Because development on this scale in this area is simply greedy and too dense for quality of life for anyone who lives here now or who will live in the area in the future
  • Because I live in the area, in fact a 3 minute walk from Tesco. We just do not have the infrastructure to accommodate the proposals, footfall of people, pressure on resources. Have LBH forgotten that Osterley is a Conservation Area. This is pure greed and surely the palms of individuals at the LBH are being greased by the developers. Even my 6 year old daughter has told me that this is bad, not right and it makes her sad.


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