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To: Portsmouth City Council

Reject planning permission for a new lap-dancing club in Portsmouth

Reject planning permission for a new lap-dancing club in Portsmouth

There is a planning application, once again, to open a lap-dancing club at the old Conservative Club building on Albert Road. Albert Road is a shining gem in Portsmouth's crown, independent shops with something for the whole family. Opening a new sexual entertainment venue here is not wanted, not needed, and works against the vibrant community that has established itself here.

The council’s existing licensing policy states that new applications for more lapdancing clubs in the city will be refused unless there is evidence to show how one would benefit the community. If this venue can't be licensed, it shouldn't get planning permission.

Why is this important?

The City Council's Sex Establishment Licensing Policy has existed in draft form since January 2012. We note its statement that "prior to final approval and publication of the policy, PCC intends to consult widely on the draft proposals" but surely four years is enough time for consultation. This policy needs to be made final and published so that we can all be clear about the possibility of future applications being made,


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Reasons for signing

  • Open your club in Soho - not Portsmouth and not in Albert Road !
  • It is not needed! No
  • I visit Portsmouth a lot as I have friends living there. Although I am surprised that requiring the change of use from a Conservative Club to another place where women are treated in a demeaning manner is required - as I thought they were the same. Funny that!


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