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To: Aberdeen City Council

Reject This Cruel Budget

Reject This Cruel Budget

Cease going forward with a cruel budget that punishes the worst off, takes away from every cultural and sport based facility in the city and makes our roads more dangerous, especially for children.

Why is this important?

Aberdeen City Council are seeking to fill the hole created by their mis-spending by not only hiking up tax, but also slashing public spending from almost anything worthwhile in the city.
Everything from Lollipop Men & Women, to Libraries, Road repairs, Sports Facilitates and even charities like Aberdeen Performing Arts and SHMU face the chop. All so that public money can be spent to prop up private spending on money-pits like Marischal Square.
This budget should not be passed without a transparent open book investigation into public spending, to find out why Aberdeen's finances are in such a desperate state, and hold those responsible to account.


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