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To: Weobley Parish Council

Remembrance Bench for Anne Preece

Remembrance Bench for Anne Preece

To approve the installation of a picnic bench in the Rose Garden in memory of Anne Preece

Why is this important?

Having lived in the village for 12 years I have many memories of Anne. She was, to me, the heart of Weobley. There were numerous occasions I would just pop in to see her for a cuppa and a chat and end up leaving with a few flower bulbs, a colouring book or a broom.

Whether you are new to the village or have been here for many years, chances are you knew who Anne was and have fond memories of her.

This petition is to help show the Parish Council that the people of Weobley believe that she should be honoured in the Rose Garden like others have been. Anne loved her roses and I can think of no better place for her to be remembered.

Weobley is a picturesque village which attracts many visitors, whether staying for a small holiday or just passing through on their bikes. Whilst there are currently benches in the garden they do not allow for a comfortable rest nor do they permit for groups whether residents or visitors to sit together to enjoy the hustle and bustle that is our village life. The picnic bench that I would like to have made would be metal framed and similar to those that can be found in the park at the Hopelands.

When starting the collection for Anne I never dreamed that I would come across as much resistance as I have from the Parish Council in remembering one of our beloved residents.
I ask you, please come together as a community and sign the petition to help me show the Parish Council that this is what the residents of Weobley want.

Weobley, Hereford

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  • She was one of a kind and the hear of Weobley


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