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To: Grant Shapps

Removal of P&O operators licence

Dear minister

The outrageous instant redundancies served on 800 members of staff of P&O ferries is an appaling way to treat a work force, and certainly against UK employment law which states that redundancies over a certain amount have to: A) be notified to the correct government department in advance and B) undergo a "meaningful" consultation process. Neither of these steps have been followed correctly so surely P&O's actions breach UK employment law.

As such, I call on you to revoke P&O's operators licence and deny all vessels within the whole group, including their cruise ships, access to any UK ports.

Why is this important?

Companies, especially those owned by unscrupulous foreign holding companies, cannot and must not be allowed to show such a flagrant disregard for UK employment law and has no place in the economy of a country that still attempts to hold some semblence of workers rights.

In addition, I call upon all British citizens to boycott all P&O services until these staff are reinstated.



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