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Remove BBC Statue by Paedophile Eric Gill

Please sign to demand that the BBC remove the sculpture depicting a naked child, created by known paedophile Eric Gill, which is above the main entrance of BBC Broadcasting House.
Gill had an incestuous relationship with his sister, sexual relationships with two of his pubescent daughters and even his family dog.
The BBC likes to think a naked boy submissively leaning into the raised leg of a wizard is simply a metaphor for broadcasting. To the BBC Eric Gill was a major British artist rather than an a child and animal abuser.

Why is this important?

I believe that the BBC would regain some credibility with their reputation, if they were seen to act upon the image of a naked child created by a known pedophile. It will show that they do not approve of the crimes committed by their past stars, Savile, King, Hall and Harris and show that they don't condone anybody who carries out child abuse.


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