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To: Devon and Cornwall police

Remove firearms licence from UKIP leader.

Cancel Mr.Robin Julian's firearms licence and not allow him to hold a licence for culling badgers at any time in the future, based on recent video evidence.

Why is this important?

Badger culls are not policed by anyone, the police when pushed on any breaches in guidelines (meaning a criminal offence has taken place) will refer complainants to Natural England who in turn do nothing.
It's time the police to show they are neutral and not as evidenced time and again an actual pro-cull organisation.



2016-10-03 16:47:17 +0100

good news, the sab who was arrested for no reason on the say so of Mr.Julian, has now had the case dropped.
is it hoping too much that Mr.Julian will be arrested for his multiple offences involving a firearm?

2016-10-02 20:30:05 +0100

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2016-10-02 13:07:05 +0100

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2016-10-02 09:51:46 +0100

If you'd like to see the video evidence or find out more about the breaches, check out this link:

2016-10-02 09:10:31 +0100

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2016-10-02 07:57:40 +0100

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