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To: The Conservative government

Remove migrant healthcare Surcharge

Remove migrant healthcare Surcharge

Remove the migration healthcare Surcharge which is currently £400 per year for atleast migrant key workers. They have worked hard and made sacrifices for the rest of the nation during this pandemic. This surcharge is on top of taxes which also contribute to the NHS. It is important to add that Boris Johnson has also suggested this could be raised to £625 annually.

Why is this important?

Every Thursday we clap for our NHS and for our key workers. Many key workers within the UK are migrants who contribute far more than they take out. To remove the surcharge would be symbolic in recognising that migrants aren't a drain on our society, but are a key part of it. To show our thanks, we need to do more than just clap. We need to change the policies which harshly impact the migrant workers saving lives.

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