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To: all UK supermarkets

Remove plastic packaging from supermarket fruit and veg

We are calling for all UK supermarkets to remove plastic packaging from five top-selling fruit & veg products –– potatoes, apples, bananas, carrots and onions –– so we can fight the plastic problem, reduce food waste and save money.

Why is this important?

Potatoes, apples, bananas, carrots and onions are the top five most wasted fruit & veg products in UK households. Over a one-year period, it is estimated that selling these five items loose (unpackaged) would:

– Prevent an estimated 1.7 billion pieces of plastic packaging from being thrown away
– Avoid over 77,000 tonnes of food waste by allowing people to buy the exact amount they need
– Save shoppers a combined total of over £85m in uneaten food

Removing plastic packaging from these five fruit & veg products is not only a simple, effective and proven way to reduce the effects of the plastic problem, but it can also cut food waste and save us money.

Right now, the industry still argues that plastic packaging protects our food in transit, extends freshness, prevents spoilage and reduces waste. Something isn’t adding up…

France has already banned 30 fruits and vegetables from being wrapped in plastic packaging. This year, Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg will join them. It’s time for the UK to do the same.

Potatoes, apples, bananas, carrots and onions are often available loose in supermarkets alongside their packaged counterparts. We want them loose, and only loose.

Add your name today and call on supermarkets to increase the availability and affordability of packaging-free fruit & veg so that all of us can #ChooseLoose.

You can find out more about the #ChooseLoose campaign along with our Facts and FAQs >>
Figures obtained from WRAP for this campaign

How it will be delivered

We’ll deliver the signatures to supermarkets as evidence of public demand, and push them to accelerate the transition to packaging-free produce.

This campaign is run by Everyday Plastic and City To Sea.

Everyday Plastic delivers campaigns that tackle the effects of the plastic problem that are felt across our society >>

City to Sea is an environmental not-for-profit, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at source >>





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