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To: Kent County Council

Remove the Ashford pop up Covid cycle Lane

Remove the pop up Covid cycle lane ASAP

Why is this important?

The Covid pop up cycle lane is not suitable for Ashford town, it’s not only ludicrous it’s dangerous and badly laid out too (many avid cyclists have said there is no way they would use it as it’s not safe), it’s not even needed and what with operation brock and stack too it’s totally unfeasible! There will be total gridlock not to even mention the effect on local businesses, the nearby fire station or any other emergency service vehicles! It needs removing ASAP!

Ashford, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • A knee jerk reaction, causing problems where none existed. It is ill thought out and dangerous to THE CYCLIST that uses it
  • Traffic in and around town is ridiculous these lanes are going to cause more traffic.
  • Iv signed as the Covid 19 pop up lanes are a accident awaiting to happen and a total waste of tax payers money


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