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Remove the barriers blocking Beech Grove & Lancaster Road, Harrogate and stop this proposed LTN

Remove the barriers blocking Beech Grove & Lancaster Road, Harrogate and stop this proposed LTN

Please remove the barriers on Beech Grove & Lancaster Road because:-

1. There has been no consultation with the residents about the LTN.

2. Very little notice before the barriers were put up.

3. Inconvenient for residents to access their own homes.

4. Traffic is forced to use the surrounding roads such as Otley Road and Cold Bath Road, both of which have schools on.

5. Inconvenient for those with difficulty with mobility, who rely upon their cars.

6. Harder access for emergency services.

7. Harder access for deliveries.

8. Harder access for refuse collection.

9. Longer car journeys due to longer route around the barriers.

10. More congestion caused by channelling traffic into already busy congested roads, particularly in rush hour. Rather than easing the traffic flow.

11. Longer time in the car, which is pumping out fumes, due to the congestion and delays.

12. Dangerous now that cars are diverting round the back of the Beech grove properties down a narrower, double parked road.

13. Trial set up during a pandemic.

14. No evidence of data being taken, despite asking NYCC which company they are using to gather the data.

15. No evidence of many cyclists actually using the road at all.

** Also please note we’ve just been informed they are intending to prohibit vehicles from entering Otley Road from Victoria Road as part of the Otley Road cycle route changes.

Why is this important?

Residents and locals who live on and use the roads affected should be the priority in the consultation.

Harrogate, UK

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