To: Lady Manners School

Remove the new 2017 homework schedule set by leadership and not teachers.

Remove the new 2017 homework schedule set by leadership and not teachers.

Abolish the homework schedule put in place in September 2017 which encourages homework 'for homeworks sake'. Allow teachers to set homework when they feel it is essential and supportive to learning not just because the school leadership rules mean they have to.

Why is this important?

Most pieces of homework are thought to take 30 minutes to complete, in reality each piece is at least an hours worth. The new rules mean one student must be given a minimum level of homework, this is averaging 2-3 pieces per night. This is potentially 3 hours of homework per evening. Add this to any clubs or hobbies undertaken and there is little time for socialising, relaxing, enjoying a novel or looking further into the topics that we want to explore. Students are encouraged to do extra-curricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh awards to enhance college applications but when do we fit this in? School ends later than most others at 1605; the majority of students take the bus and arrive home 1630-1650. This is almost 2 hours after the students at Brookfield Community School in Chesterfield (just 1 example).
Something has to give and unfortunately this is the erosion of family life.
School say that we can complete some homework within lunch but this is only possible if we have somewhere to study. Library? Full. Computer rooms? Out of bounds. Classrooms? Not open.
Since the 2017 minimum homework rules students are saying they are behind in their work for the first time ever, they are stressed and anxious.
Finally, the teachers perspective is that they now have 200 books per week to mark and have no choice but to do this in their own time. Teachers are also stressed and anxious and it's all because they are having to set homework they may not feel even supports their lesson. They HAVE to....not WANT to.
This petition is not to abolish homework completely, just to return to teachers setting homework THEY feel is supportive and recognising when their pupils are overwhelmed. In fact, doing exactly what they are trained to do.

How it will be delivered

Printed out by hand to the school.


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