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Remove the planters blocking parking in Harrogate town centre

Remove the planters blocking parking in Harrogate town centre

Please remove the planters that are blocking parking for customers on James Street and Albert Street in Harrogate town centre.

It’s vital customers have convenient access to our shops as they try to recover from the pandemic.

Why is this important?

Never before has our high street been in such a fragile state.

Shops and other businesses depend on attracting customers both locally and from afar. They will arrive by different means - on foot, in cars, on public transport, taxis, by bike. Removing easy access by car and taxi removes a percentage of those customers and will effect the town's businesses.

Why would the council want more pedestrianised streets when under their own admission they can’t maintain the existing ones?...
“Inevitably, this means the beds end up being visually dull and nothing more than a magnet for cigarette butts, empty coffee cups and fast-food takeaway packaging. They look a mess and prompt almost as many complaints as we’ve had about the artificial grass.’’

We believe customers should be able to park close to our town centre shops just like they can at St James’ retail park.

Please remove the planters to enable our high street to survive.

Thank you for signing.

Harrogate, UK

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