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To: West Sussex County Council

Remove the Pop Up Covid 19 Cycle Lanes

Remove the Pop Up Covid 19 Cycle Lanes

Remove the Pop Up Cycle Lanes which have been placed in Crawley

Why is this important?

The Pop Up Cycle lanes which have appeared in Crawley and throughout Sussex are a blight on the daily commute. They are hindering FAR more people than it is helping. Motorists are experiencing further delays to their commutes which is impacting on local businesses

Crawley, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Cyclist love riding on footpaths instead of cycle lanes, so why waste money on this project? Use that money and fix all potholes around West Sussex.
  • It’s clearly going to cause an accident
  • All the stationary cars are causing even more fumes for people to breathe, making some places very bad for people with lung problems.


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