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To: The Prime Minister David Cameron

Remove the resigned DUP ministers from Stormont permanently

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Tracy Mearns
Remove the resigned DUP ministers from Stormont permanently

We the electorate of Northern Ireland would like the prime minister to step in and permanently remove the constantly resigning ministers from the Stormont executive. If an MP resigns that should be the end of their political career to have them re-instating themselves for a couple of hours and resigning again makes a mockery of our political institutions and goes against the wishes of the electorate.

Why is this important?

Their actions are morally corrupt and fraudulent as they continue to award themselves full pay and more importantly are putting the lives of citizens in danger as the health service has no leadership. They did not inform the electorate that this would be something that they would do if people voted for them and so therefore have mislead the N Ireland voters.


Reasons for signing

  • I am from NI and brought up protestant. Despite this I am an Irish citizen and these backward focused politiciansand hindering a secure future for NI. Whether they like it or not, a huge chunk of protestants(who have a great Irish history keeping Gaelic alive etc) are not in favour of unionism. The people of NI don't need bigotry we need greater political choice than the polarised politics of NI.
  • There not taking there job to seriously, so get them out and let the rest get on with business.
  • No normal working person can resign and then change their mind the following week. You mock us / treat us like idiots.


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