To: We the Welsh People want Union Jack flag removed from Welsh driving licences.

Remove Union Jack flag from Welsh driving licenses.

Remove Union Jack flag from Welsh driving licenses.

Since we are a country in our own right, it is not acceptable that the Union Flag, instead of our own national flag, 'Y Ddraig Goch' (The Red Dragon) is used on our driving licences.

It is true that many citizen of our country consider themselves Welsh and not British and we feel that its our right to have our own National flag on this important document.

Why is this important?

We feel that it a Human Right to have important documents like Driving Licence & indeed our Passports, to reflect our nation status.

This is also a lack of respect to the Welsh people and the Welsh nation. Wales is currently not repersented on the Union Jack flag and by having a Union Jack flag on the licences, is to accept that Wales is none existant.



Reasons for signing

  • Because we are a nation like 200 others in this world
  • Gwarth! Cymro ydw i ddim prydeinwr
  • I signed because I would like to see it on our licences


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