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To: Parish Council

Renaming the Sports field in honour of Owen Fitzpatrick

Renaming the Sports field in honour of Owen Fitzpatrick

I am currently asking the Parish council to rename the sports field to ‘The Owen Fitzpatrick Sports Field’ in honour of the late Owen Fitzpatrick.

I have set up this petition in order to give the parish council an idea of the support for this idea.

Why is this important?

Owen contributed so much to the village and set up the youth football team that ran for 7 years and was a massive part of a lot of people’s lives. Owen was a very generous man that gave up a lot of his time to help a lot of young boys in and around the village and this would be a great way to remember him by.

Sherston, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Definitely a good cause
  • A great cause 😀 Owen gave everything for us lads growing up and this would be the least he deserves. Thanks for everything gaffer


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