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To: Vale of Glamorgan Council

Renew the Play Park on St Davids Crescent /Owain Close

Residents of Stanwell Ward, Penarth, and the Vale of Glamorgan, request renovation, renewal and safety for the park on Morristown estate. Located near the shop neighbouring Glyndwr Hall.

Why is this important?

Stanwell Ward is the least wealthy ward in the Penarth area, but with the highest voter turnout. The town’s social housing is located here. It is not fair that this is met with reduced spending on improvements other wards and towns receive.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council failed to improve play facilities here as they have done elsewhere. This is an unfair message to send to children, our future workers and leaders, especially at times so crucial as now where outdoor space is so essential for mental, emotional and physical well being. It implies they don't matter and aren't deserving of safe, clean and enjoyable play spaces like elsewhere. It also suggests to residents that this ward is a lower priority than the rest of the town and county. This could be directly reflected in the lowering of house values on the estate due to the park being derelict and dangerous. It also is positioned next door to a shooting club, which is a concerning addition to the message we send with derelict parks.

Less wealthy areas in the Vale have had thousands of pounds spent, often with regeneration of entire areas, because the Local Authority are aware that lack of spending in poorer areas directly disadvantages children and in turn changes everyone’s futures. There are such big income gaps between poorer and wealthier Penarth residents, meaning children in Penarth’s less affluent areas are forgotten.

- Two play parks completed in Plymouth Ward
- One play park completed in Cornerswell Ward
- Four public spaces completed in St Augustines Ward, including 2 play areas.
- Finalised plans for mass regeneration of Cosmeston Country Park playground

At West House in St Augustines ward, the Penarth Town Council site had its grounds converted to a community garden. This improves the look of the Council, but directly disadvantages the residents it serves in Stanwell ward, who've been forgotten.

Hundreds of children pass through daily to access schools, the park and shop on the Morristown estate, often multiple times a day, and visitors use the community hall. The Local Authority has a duty to its residents, of all ages, to show equal consideration and spending, and to provide safe spaces for all.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to the Local Authority digitally and on paper and we will notify the local press before and after its presentation.

Vale of Glamorgan, UK

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