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To: South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

Renovate the derelict building in West Park Jarrow

Renovate the derelict building in West Park Jarrow

West Park Community Group want the council to NOT demolish the old 'Ladies Pavillion' locally known as the "derelict building".
For them to donate the demolition funds to West Park Community Group to start the renovation of the building which can then be for the community to use.

Why is this important?

We want to show the council that we are not happy for them to demolish a part of our history!!

West Park Community Group are a relatively new group who put on local events in Jarrow Park to combat social isolation, bring people together, endeavour to increase the members of the other groups in the park by showing what's on offer and to raise funds for the parks continued regeneration.

Members of the group were originally told that the council would gift the brick building if the funds could be found to 'put a roof on it'. The group members raised enough money to do this by holding music based events, coffee mornings as well as approaching the local community's and businesses for event sponsorship.

When the group contacted the local council they advised that the 'gifting of the building' was news to them and that the brick building was going to be demolished. However the group could look at putting a wooden structure in its place. The group have continued to fundraise with a view to ensuring that there is a building in the park that can be used for people to use and ensure that there are accessible toilets and we are continuing to petition the council to retain the building rather than knock it down. The brick building has been and is part of the landscape of the park and a wooden replacement will have a detrimental visual impact on the landscape.

The group have a number of quotes for the renovation work and a new structure and the renovation plan is the most cost effective. The Group already have the funds to put the roof on, would and continue to fundraise as well as 'call in' all the offers of help to fully renovate the building. Making this a true community project.
Additionally the brick building is part of the 'fabric' of the park and if renovated will restore the aesthetic balance to the landscape.

The plan is for this renovation to be a true community project with local people coming on board to do 'their bit' for their local award winning park.
The building will have accessible toilets, multi use open space and a kitchen.
The building will be for community use and to facilitate fundraising events to maintain the regeneration of the park and the continuation of the community events.

How amazing would it be to see this building done up and sit and watch the bowling out of one side and the kids playing in the Muga out of the other. To have accessible toilets, to have a lovely space to meet friends, hold meetings, hire out for community activities, for school children to come a have as a classroom in the park; the uses are endless.

How it will be delivered

We will meet with the local council and deliver the paper petition we have as well as provide the full details of this on line petition.

West Park, Jarrow

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