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To: Sheffield NHS Trust

Reopen and Nationalise the Robert Hadfield Wing

We want the Robert Hadfield Wing, which has been closed for the past year, to be reopened and brought back under public ownership, after the PFI contract has failed to build a fire-safe building - for which we are paying an excessive fee.

Why is this important?

The Robert Hadfield Wing has been closed for almost a year due to not meeting fire safety regulations for the past 12 years, with construction to correct this only starting in August. We are paying £122 million to private industries for a building that cost only £25.9 million to build, due to the PFI contract it is under. How can we pay so much to a private company for our public services? Especially considering the fact that it wasn't even built safely! The closure of this building doesn't only affect us financially, the 168 beds the ward contains has put an even greater strain on the already crippled NHS services around South Yorkshire.

How it will be delivered

We plan to gather as many signatures as possible before organizing meetings with the relevant directors and governors to discuss plans.


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