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To: Nottinghamshire County Council

Repair the Roads in Retford (and Nottinghamshire)!

This petition is holding the council to account for the dire state of the roads in Retford (and Nottinghamshire) and to take meaningful action to sort the problem out.

Why is this important?

The roads in and around Retford are absolutely atrocious. Over the past few months, the standard of the roads has deteriorated rapidly, causing extreme distress and disruption for the town's residents. Many potholes are on main junctions in the town centre and on the main roads, which receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis. In some areas, the roads are simply not fit for purpose.

This problem is not just unique to Retford, but to the whole of Nottinghamshire - in recent years, Nottinghamshire has been named as the 'worst county in the country' for potholes/highway maintenance. Despite these warning signs, our Council has done very little/if anything to resolve this issue (some of the repairs that have been done have made the roads even worse!), and this petition is a way for our community to demand more should be done to rectify the problem.

There have been many pledges by the council to rectify the issue, but with no results. The roads are now in need of urgent repair - in many cases, new sections of the road need to be re-surfaced.

I strongly urge any residents from Retford to support this petition and make our voices heard. Simply reporting a pothole on the council website is not enough - they are not filling them in and the roads are deteriorating even more. This is not a political petition aimed at specific political parties - it is a petition for anyone who wants to see our concerns being taken seriously.

We pay enough council tax (and road tax for those who drive) to ensure our local town and roads are well maintained. Where is this money being spent? Why is the town's basic infrastructure not being maintained?

Enough is enough. It is time the council take accountability and sort the problem before any further damage is caused.

Retford DN22, UK

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