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Repeal of the 1998 Human Rights Act under Brexit

Rehman Chisthi wrote to me last nearly a year ago, but there has been some kind of delay in Parliamentary procedures to establish the rules and regulations in terms of personal responsibilities of citizens under today’s legalisation-update on the repeal of The Human Rights Act 1998 (c42) is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom which received Royal Assent on 9 November 1998 that is implicitly required under Brexit by 31 December 2020; the way I understand the status quo with regard to the numerous petitions that I have lodged through 38 Degrees over the years. I expect to hear from him at any time before the Police or the Mental Health authorities visit me to question me without the presence of qualified barrister in the United Kingdom who knows about Human Rights and personal liberties now in the United Kingdom.

I will update 38 Degrees as soon as this matter is resolved after my 22 years of research to find out for certain whether we are subjects to the whims of His or Her Majesty under successive generations of people inhabiting this union of the United Kingdom as it has changed through history, and evolved now to accommodate different cultures and religions from the hitherto imposition of Catholicism or Protestant-Christianity of which the UK-monarch is the presiding judge and jury and the Constitution deputises this role to Consultant Psychiatrists in the Mental Health institutions to appropriately-prosecute the population as necessary to meet the objectives of the Monarch and which is rubberstamped through Queens Speech in Parliament (House of Commons) by an Executive, poodled to manage a moronically-educated population through the Prime Minister, with no opposition voices with guts to be heard except by those who only have powers to tinker with the legislations enacted in a facade of democracy that is implemented through divide and rule Party-politics-based elections to Parliament and local councils, and with Court Judges themselves acting through the Privy Council establishment to rely upon the reports of Consultant Psychiatrist to dispose-off civil and criminal prosecutions attempted by citizens seeking liberty to attain their aims of being under full citizenship and failing that policing their protesting against the Police State’s curbs on their liberty to protest by blocking their access to Parliament through imposed restrictions on Members of Parliament to filter-out citizen's complaints against the State's institutions like the Civil and Criminal Courts and Employment and Mental Health Tribunals stage-managed by regulating the passage of criminal proceedings through a stage-managed Police Force and accompanying Crown Prosecution Service, selecting civil litigations through solicitors and Law Firms under superficial regulation by the Law Society and its component and associates such as the Bar Council, Solicitors Regulation Authority and Legal Ombudsman to make the citizen’s direct access to justice impossible if they are not consistent with the State’s raison-d’etre; by curbing their physical compulsion to demonstrate in the streets to influence public opinion as Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace have contemplated in the past and present but also by trade unions working for improved pay and conditions of workers and other employment rights such as pensions (with the use of indigenous British people rather than imported immigrants to hold down worker’s wages), banning the formation of new trade unions as I tried to form in the Union of Petrol Station workers under a Labour government at that, and quelling Union bosses as with Arthur Scargill during the Miners’ Strike of the 1980s when horse-mounted Police attacked strikers as they peacefully protested against the closure of their pits and the dangers that thereby posed to the sustenance and coherence of their mining communities in Wales, Scotland and England by banning secondary picketing in law and seemingly by sequestering the financial assets of Unions; but also through silencing free expression in the available media of the internet today when State-controlled public and private media of the Establishment biased against the common man attack the rebels and when they try and protest online as I did to highlight my particular plight by banning their blogs as happened to my Blog, with the subsequent State-attempts to ban the rest of my websites at LinkedIn, Simplesite, Twitter and Facebook; in other words by operating the State maintenance of a nation of morons to manipulate by a Big-Brother Police State with its statutory-extensions proliferating worldwide by rewarding those patriots complicit with this Empirical-aspiration with gongs such as OBE, Knighthoods, Dames, Baronesses, MBE, etc, decorations such as monuments in public places like Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square London, and annual commemorative remembrance ceremonies such

Why is this important?

This is important to establish the civil liberties of individuals currently living in the United Kingdom, with regards to those indegenous and immigrants from former European Union States from 1 January 2020

United Kingdom

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