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To: UK Prime Minister and UK Government

Reverse the decision to exclude animal sentience from the EU withdrawal bill

12/12/17 - We Won!

Great news! Michael Gove, the Environment Minister has drafted a new law to specifically recognise animal sentience.

The result of our campaign is fantastic news, this will keep standards of animal welfare, at the high levels we have come to expect, from a nation with a reputation for compassion and care. I am grateful to the Government for listening to us, and I think we should all be very proud of this achievement. - Dave Babb - Petition Starter

Sky news say:

"Mr Gove has been forced to act after social media campaigns by 38 Degrees, Compassion in World Farming and other groups targeted Conservative MPs, calling on them to reverse their vote against recognising animal sentience."

The bill proposes ministers "must have regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing Government policy".

Unveiling his plans after visiting Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Mr Gove claimed: "As we leave the EU we will deliver a Green Brexit, not only maintaining but enhancing animal welfare standards...Animals are sentient beings who feel pain and suffering, so we are writing that principle into law and ensuring that we protect their welfare."

Thank you so much to everyone who signed and shared the petition!

Read more here:

I feel the decision of the UK Government, to exclude the status of animals, as sentient beings, in the EU withdrawal bill, is a terrible blow for animal welfare, and I would urge them to reconsider immediately.

Why is this important?

Animals have long held the status of being sentient beings in the UK, through legislation created in the EU. This means they are recognised as being capable of feeling emotions such as joy and compassion, but also fear, suffering and terror. The vote in Parliament, narrowly won by the Government, removes this status from all animals in the UK, and is a massive blow for the welfare of wildlife, pets and livestock alike.



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