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To: McDonald's

Replace McDonald's plastic toys with seeds and bee bombs for children to grow

Please stop adding plastic 'throw away' toys into happy meal boxes. Replace this plastic waste with seed packets and bee bombs. The cardboard tray could double up as a biodegradable seed tray. In addition to the environmental benefits of reducing waste there is growing evidence that gardening therapy is fantastic for children's mental health and well-being. Growing things is fun, rewarding and teaches responsibility for living things.

Why is this important?

McDonald's sells over 1 Billion happy meals every year around the world. Included in these are hard plastic toys inside plastic packaging, millions going to landfill every year, especially in the western world. We need to educate our children that this fast, throw away attitude is killing the planet. Teach our children to love, nurture and grow. A packet of seeds and a biodegradable box that doubles as a tray - it's an easy solution to make the Happy Meal truly Happy for all! The environment wins. Bees win. Children's metal health is improved and planting seeds also encourages curiosity for their environment - huge win! Come on McDonalds - make this happen!



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