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To: Calderdale Council

Replace the Todmorden Bandstand

Replace the Todmorden Bandstand

Commit to demolish and replace the existing dilapidated and vandalised bandstand that has been unused and unfit for purpose for over a decade. A magnet for anti social behaviour, vandalism and crime. Instead replace with a modern performance space fit for the 21st Century that the young and older people of the town can really use. Some Todmordians have a misplaced sense of nostalgia attached to the current building, let the next generation have a facility that is actually usable for the needs of modern events and activities.

Why is this important?

There is a misplaced “Save the Bandstand” movement which will rob the park and the younger generation of this town the opportunity to create a usable and functional outdoor space. The town has seen an influx of young artists and musicians over the last few years that has brought a renewed vitality to the town beyond the heritage, semi rural and market town offering of Todmorden. Give these people a space to engage, educate and entertain.


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Reasons for signing

  • We need the Bandstand back!


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