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To: Local CCG

Replace Weybridge Walk in Centre

Replace Weybridge Walk in Centre

Rebuild or replace the Weybridge Walk in Centre

Why is this important?

The Weybridge Walk in Centre was at the heart of Weybridge and needs to be replaced. The CCG are intending that Weybridge residents in need of emergency care will have to travel to St Peters or Woking. Both alternatives are overstretched at the moment. This is assuming that people can get to either location as this is very hard for those who require to use public transport. BRING BACK THE CENTRE IT IS NEEDED, WE NEED IT.


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Reasons for signing

  • Just because this centre was unfortunately destroyed in a fire, it doesn’t mean it should be replaced by housing. It was a much needed well-used service by residents of Weybridge and all of the surrounding areas. Surely it must be putting even further pressure on the alternative services/walk-ins/A&E departments which are already over-stretched?
  • It is a vitally important resource for the local community and there is no reason not to replace it. If it’s a question of funding then sure there was buildings insurance in place that will pay out and cover the rebuild cost of the building itself as a minimum. If not that is negligent management in my opinion.
  • After spending 6.5 hours at St Peters a and e the other day along with a waiting room that was constantly full of other people we need to ease the pressure on St peters


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