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To: Paula Vennells, Cheif Executive - Post Office Ltd

resist franchise of swiss cottage post office

Dear Paula, we object to the franchising of our local main post office.
the closure of this public service will have a detrimental effect on the community and small businesses.

Why is this important?

Local residents, including senior citizens, those who rely on benefits, less abled people and small business outlets in the area depend on this office for service and trade.

Post Office management say that the office is not making a profit for them so it can be sold to someone who can make a profit from it!

No crown (main) post office can make a profit as it is a public service and (apart from postal orders) do not sell anything on their own behalf. Every service they provide is on behalf of an outside interest (such as the bank of Ireland) royal mail, or a government agency.

Since 1987, one thousand one hundred and twenty four crown post offices have closed (and innumerable sub-post offices). And now there are only 376 crown offices left in the whole of the uk. Post Office management wish to rid themselves of a further 76 crown offices as a means to creating a profit, but past history indicates that this policy is doomed to failure.

Previous hosts of former post offices include wh smith (who, it is said, are not renewing the contract on the franchishe's they took on where the lease is now expiring ), chemists, kebab outlets etcetra, now they have indicated that betting shops might be a good venue for a post office.

Councillors have indicated that post offices could be located in libraries, this was before councils began to close libraries, then they said that police stations could have a counter in post offices, then the decision was made to close more post offices.

Everything that the union has done to accommodate changes in the post office in order to maintain jobs and save offices from closure has not satisfied senior management.

They are like turkeys voting for Christmas, their employment will cease along with all the staff they employ. the difference is that they will walk away with a very handsome golden handshake etcetera (as many senior "managers" have in the recent past) whilst the loyal staff end up on the dole.

How it will be delivered

press conference

Swiss Cottage, London Borough of Camden, United Kingdom

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