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Respond to the referendum with compromise, not division

Respond to the referendum with compromise, not division

Interpret the referendum for what it is: indecision on a massive scale. Seek compromise, not division, by negotiating a new relationship with the EU that will satisfy a substantial majority of the British people.

Why is this important?

The EU referendum was advisory and the people gave you their advice. We told you that on this matter we were split down the middle: 48%-52% (35%-37%-28% if you include non-voters).

That proper response to a balanced vote is not to comply entirely with the side that is ahead by a few percentage points. The proper response is to compromise.

This is not a new idea. in 2010 we had an indecisive general election result and a compromise was reached.

Rather than assuming that the referendum result means a country irreconcilably divided into two camps, a more sensible interpretation would be that changes to our relationship with the EU could be sufficient to produce a substantial consensus across the nation as a whole.

Politicians should not try to wash their hands of this difficult process, under the pretence of carrying out the public's will.



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