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To: CEO Tesco

So-called 'responsibly farmed' seafood must be re-labelled 'eat occasionally'

Please label all your sea bass, king prawns and non-organic farmed salmon as 'eat occasionally'. Currently these products are all declared to be 'responsibly sourced' or 'responsibly farmed' but the farming methods used correlate only with an 'eat occasionally' '3' rating on the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide.

Why is this important?

Unsustainable fish farms located in or by the sea can wreak havoc on the environment, threatening the future of our fisheries. My initiative Ask the Q ( campaigns for greater transparency in supply chains and I believe it is highly misleading to label seafood 'responsible' when the Marine Conservation Society recommends eating this 3-rated seafood 'only occasionally' as it 'should probably not be considered entirely sustainable at this time'.




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