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To: Prime Minister

Restore Faversham Crown Post Office

Restore the Crown Post Office to Faversham which was replaced with a franchise service in October 2019.

Why is this important?

A Crown Post Office is more than people realise it is the hub of a high street, the office was franchised off through no fault of the staff who are highly trained and experienced in serving the community and irreplaceable by self service machines or an unsuitable small counter space.
The consultation process was deeply flawed and not advertised meaning that the majority in town had no knowledge of our Crown Post Office or directly managed Post office becoming franchised until it was underway.
To this end we have grave concerns regarding the inevitable deterioration in services which will no doubt fall to unacceptable levels in a post office that is well used and was inappropriate for franchise.

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2019-10-30 13:44:51 +0000

With the general election coming up we have a real chance to stop our message getting lost in the melee of media.
Please share with anyone you can. The CWU have endorsed our campaign and they will continue to help us with it. But during purdah we must push through ourselves.
So please let's do our part.

2019-10-26 17:02:55 +0100

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