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To: Political Leaders

Rescue Our Rivers

We reached our target

Restore our rivers and freshwaters to health by 2030

Why is this important?

Whilst leaders across the political parties are playing political games and shouting each other down in the corridors of power, our rivers are dying.

Our rivers are on the brink of collapse plagued by a toxic cocktail of sewage, agricultural and chemical pollution. Give our rivers a voice. Sign now and join the mighty wave of people urgently calling for political leaders to act quickly and ambitiously to rescue our rivers.

River Action, supported by over fifty organisations, are calling on political leaders to rescue Britain’s rivers for nature and people by:

1. Ending sewage pollution
2. Stopping agriculture polluting our rivers
3. Preventing harmful chemicals at source
4. Securing water supply for everyone
5. Bringing nature back from the brink
6. Reforming planning rules and prompting natural solutions
7. Protecting river habitats and wildlife
8. Monitoring pollution of all rivers
9. Inspecting polluters and enforcing the law
10. Working together to restore our rivers

We call for Governments and political leaders to act now, and to act boldly, to rescue our rivers for nature and people. Join us by signing today and help the babble of voices become a flood.

Our rivers are in crisis. Every single river in England is polluted beyond legal limits, and the rest of the UK’s rivers are also in trouble. Our rivers are not fit to swim or play in, our wildlife is fast disappearing and freshwater is becoming more scarce in the face of the climate emergency.

We need to see this crisis prioritised and fixed as a matter of urgency, but the current Government’s freshwater strategy is failing our rivers. They are not treating this as the emergency that it is. The situation is scary but we have the solutions.

The Charter for Rivers, supported by over fifty organisations including The National Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, WWF, Soil Association, The Rivers Trust, Angling Trust and many more, sets out ten ambitious but achievable actions which would restore our rivers to health by the end of this decade.

Find out more on the River Action website

How it will be delivered

This petition will be taking to Governments and political leaders around World River's Day (24th September), which is an important moment to shine a light on this issue and give our rivers the voice they deserve.





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